Highlands Social Center, Inc.
Highlands Social Center, Inc.
The Fun Place to Be
3400 Sebring Parkway
Sebring, Florida, 33870 USA
P. O. Box 9016 Sebring, Florida, 33872
(863) 386-0752


The Wenesday luncheon starts at 9 AM till 2 PM.
There will be coffee and pastries available, and chair exercises. Dan Patrick plays at 11 AM.
Lunch at noon. Dancing will again commence at 1 PM.
Cost will now be $7.

March calendar is now posted.

March birthdays are now posted.

You are welcome to attend a new Bible Study class on Thursday at 10AM.

If you need a ride to the Social Center for Bingo or Wednesday meeting, you can now call
New Concepts at 658-1044 for reservation and economical fares.

If you are looking for a helping hand for items such as errands, cooking, cleaning, companionship
shopping, transportation, organizing, etc. contact Tanya Villar (954) 605-5233 or tanyavillar@gmail.com



As a non-profit charity, we dedicate ourselves to helping the elderly to live with dignity, independence, and to enrich, maintain, and to protect the quality of life of senior adults, by providing services which address their needs such as:

  • Remaining independent
  • Relieving loneliness
  • Improving the quality of life and health for seniors
  • Prolonging and / or preventing premature institutionalization

Our Social Center provides a place where older people can come together in order to socialize and maintain involvement with the community. Our Center provides programs and activities and offers a variety of services for elderly participants.

We began operation on March 22, 2006, after the Sun Room went out of business. We had to rent for serveral years until May 2010, when we were able to purchase the old Lions Club at 3400 Sebring Parkway in Sebring. We renovated the building and made it our permanent home.

Dance Couple
Open every Wednesday.
Doors open at 9 AM, Lunch is at noon and dancing is from 11-12 AM and from 1-2 PM
No membership required

We have a great place for people to laugh, dance, and enjoy a healthful social environment

Dan Patrick plays dance music

Dan Patrick

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